MBSE with SysML Master Class


48 hrs

* Virtual * Live Instructor * Public Course *

What is it?

The Studio SE Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with SysML Master Class is a six-day (48 hour) program that guides you to become an effective, efficient modeler by giving you the skills you need to correctly deploy the SysML language. We build models, together, click-by-click, so that you leave the class with a working knowledge of the MBSE skills necessary to build effective models and the confidence to use your new skills on the job. You will learn essential syntax for all nine SysML diagrams while we build a descriptive model “from scratch.” You will get experience across all three competencies necessary to be an effective system modeling professional: language, tool, and process. You will understand how the diagrams across the four pillars of SysML are related and how to create and communicate effective system architectures using a robust process that implements MBSE and SysML. You won't simply get an academic understanding of the material you will be able to apply the techniques to your work - immediately.

What do you gain?

  • Use MBSE to collect and analyze information to inform requirements
  • Effectively organize our models to ensure consistency and reusability
  • Translate user-specified behaviors into accurate descriptions of system behavior
  • Model requirements and assess your system's conformance to those requirements
  • Construct a cohesive system architecture
  • Describe how parts of your system interact with each other and external systems
  • Leverage simulation capabilities in SysML to evaluate your designs

Who should take it?

This course is ideal for system engineers, architects, project managers, and professionals involved in system development seeking to enhance their MBSE skills in modeling using SysML. Whether you are new to SysML or looking to refine your modeling techniques, this course will empower you to effectively model systems.

What do I need to know before?

No pre-requisite knowledge required.

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