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Your work is your art. You need the right inspiration to weave innovation throughout your products and your culture. With Studio SE as your muse, you’ll learn to see the world differently and incorporate powerful market and customer insights into your designs.


The greatest artists are the most influential. Your products and processes need that same influence. Studio SE guides you to deliver products and processes that will help you sculpt your vision and shape your industry and markets. Our commitment to excellence and our wealth of practical expertise give your teams the skills and confidence they need to create masterpieces.


Great art is compelling and calls people to action. To be good, your products must be technically correct. To achieve greatness, your products must also evoke emotion. When you invite us to help drive your development efforts forward, you are making a commitment to excellence in the Art and the Science of engineering.  

Why we do it

Through our interactive and customizable approach to training, the Studio SE team ensures our clients have what they need to dominate their industry and push the limits of their technology.

HOW we do it

Our team of experts helps you ensure your products and processes embody excellence and maintain necessary compliance - a necessity  highly-regulated and competitive industries.


Excellent job teaching the course! I definitely have a much better understanding of MBSE and Cameo. The way you blended the concepts of MBSE while showing us how to use Cameo was fantastic. Definitely a lot of content jammed into two days.

A Taste of MBSE Alumnus

 Casey Medina is a true asset to MBSE. His teaching style is well thought out and extremely comprehensible. He challenges his students, but he doesn't overwhelm them. He allows time for students to 'dream' about the potential of the application in their jobs and fuels those 'dreams' with exciting ideas.

MBSE Master Class Alumnus

I tried learning this topic on my own and had a hard time getting it. It took taking this class to understand it.

MBSE Master Class Alumnus

Great class – exciting and very powerful, instructors make messages stick, great balance between practice and lecture.

Master Class Alumnus

Casey keeps it interesting and uses examples relevant to our business needs

master Class Alumnus

I’ve been tasked with implementing SysML/MBSE for the first time on any program in my company.  I’ve learned a lot!  The class and large amount of clear education has made my time worth it.  I feel enabled to do this

master Class Alumnus

Appreciate learning how to apply MBSE/SysML to real examples and learning how to think about problems before modeling them.

master Class Alumnus

It’s very useful to see a COMPLETE approach to deploying MBSE.

master Class Alumnus

Studio SE instructors make sure we understand “why,” not just “what” and “how.

master Class Alumnus

Learning techniques to consider and understand all stakeholders is very valuable.

master Class Alumnus

Studio SE’s training is very relevant to our industry and the instructors are very approachable and great presenters!

master Class Alumnus

We find learning how to apply MBSE to the Systems Engineering process to be incredibly valuable.  I really appreciate the instructor’s background, breadth, and depth of knowledge.

master Class Alumnus