Advanced MBSE with SysML


6 days

* Virtual * Live Instructor *

What is it?

The Advanced MBSE with SysML course is a 6-day experiential course that extends your knowledge to include practical application of the SysML language and toolset. You will create simulatable models "from scratch" to gain confidence deploying MBSE and SysML on the job. You will learn how to follow a robust process to design and deploy simulations that merge behavior and structure. You will gain an appreciation for the development background of SysML and your internal development processes to create and deploy useful and usable profiles and libraries. This course provides you with advanced knowledge of SysML and enables you to immediately apply all processes and practices learned in the course on the job.

What do you gain?

  • Build interoperable models that use state machines, interactions, and activities to show how the components of your system structure operate
  • Control simulations using simulation configurations and construct prototype GUIs
  • Perform trade studies and select the candidate architecture using your understanding of your system's structural behavior
  • Understand and characterize your organization's interfaces to ensure deployment of useful reusable model elements
  • Extend the SysML language to create usable stereotypes and profiles
  • Query your model and extract data to create cross-cutting views
  • Create content diagrams to enhance model navigation

Who should take it?

This course is ideal for system engineers, system architects, managers, supervisors, and anyone else who regularly uses or interacts with SysML models.

What do I need to know before?

This is a fast-paced course that builds upon the capabilities gained in the MBSE with SysML Master Class. Individuals should be active modelers and have attained either the MBSE with SysML Master Class badge from Studio SE, OCSMP Level 2+, or equivalent training. Individuals should be knowledgeable of the syntax and construction of all nine SysML diagrams. A portion of the course is devoted to understanding, characterizing, and modeling your organization's development process. It is recommended that you understand the role of MBSE within your development process(es). If your organization has not fully defined the relationship between MBSE and the development process, this activity will be an excellent opportunity to architect how MBSE can enable successful system development.

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