A Taste of MBSE


16 hrs

* Virtual * Live Instructor * Public Course *

What is it?

A Taste of MBSE illustrates the value proposition of MBSE through a combination of lecture, discussion, and hands-on application of key systems engineering and model-based systems engineering principles. You will leave this class with an appreciation for the power and versatility of MBSE. You will also gain a working knowledge of key foundational SE/MBSE tools that you can apply immediately on the job – regardless of your role or area of expertise. We will explore the SysML language by building analytical models that showcase the capabilities of the language. While this is not a course that teaches the intricacies of syntax, you will exit with the ability to recognize potential applications of MBSE/SysML and communicate the value of MBSE to your teams.

What do you gain?

  • How MBSE enables and is enabled by system/process development activities
  • Create basic functional and structural models and views using foundational MBSE tools
  • Understand the descriptive and analytical capabilties of SysML and CATIA Magic Software
  • Practical experience constructing executable models with interconnected diagrams

Who should take it?

This course is ideal for system engineers, architects, project managers, and professionals involved in system development seeking to enhance their MBSE skills in modeling and simulation using SysML. Whether you are new to SysML or looking to refine your modeling techniques, this course will empower you to model and simulate systems.

What do I need to know before?

No pre-requisite knowledge required.

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